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Canal Convergence 2021 Begins in Scottsdale

November 7, 2021

In Scottsdale, this week is quite a special week! On November 5, the 2021 iteration of Canal Convergence commenced! 

Canal Convergence is a beloved annual series of free activities and events that takes place across the Scottsdale Waterfront every fall. This public art event brings together artists and art admirers from around the world in appreciation of Scottsdale's amazing art scene. Public artworks illuminate the waterfront each evening, filling the city with wonder and awe. 


This year's theme is "Art and Technology." The artist have done a phenomenal job of representing the theme, conjuring dazzling displays that will amaze all visitors. Along with art, there will be music and other live performances. For a fully immersive experience, check out one of the workshops or guided tours! All of the events, performances, and other programs are listed on the official Canal Convergence website.


Although the festival will take place through mid-November, some of the art installations such as Mirage and Entwined Meadow will be on display through the holiday season. For the best assortment of art viewing, however, you should plan to visit during the festival's official dates.

Canal Convergence will take place November 5 through 14, with programming during the weekend days. It is completely free, so no tickets are required! Grab a friend and head to Scottsdale for this exciting event!