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Summer Programs at Butterfly Wonderland

June 24, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of exploring a vibrant rainforest full of exotic creatures and lush foliage? In Scottsdale, you can do just that! Come experience the wonders of the rainforest at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale. This summer's unique programs are phenomenal!  


Butterfly Wonderland is home to thousands of butterflies from more than 70 species. It is breathtaking to see the beautiful butterflies fluttering about! This immersive experience is amazing any day, but the summer programs are a great way to enjoy additional fun. 

This summer, you can enjoy...

Yoga in the Rainforest: Practice yoga in the peaceful and magical surroundings of the Butterfly Conservatory featuring thousands of beautiful fluttering butterflies. 

Intro to Macro Photography: Learn from professional photographer Jonathan Cline how to capture amazing moments with gorgeous butterflies as the subjects. 

Bug Talks: Be amazed by tarantulas, giant scorpions, and other large insects from around the world at this special presentation hosted by Arthropod Keeper, Emily Wood. 

Whimsical Wings: Be part of the magic as Butterfly Wonderland Education Specialists release gorgeous tropical butterflies into the Conservatory.

...and more! To see all special events, visit https://butterflywonderland.com/special-events/


Tickets for Butterfly Wonderland can be purchased online. If you aren't ready to visit but you want to support the foundation, then you may want to consider donating to Butterfly Wonderland's conservation fund

Don't miss out on summer fun at Butterfly Wonderland!