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Where to Find Local Wine in Scottsdale

March 14, 2022

Do you love wine? Whether you're a well-trained taster or a novice wine drinker, Scottsdale has many local vineyards and tasting rooms that can help you refine your palate or discover a new favorite! Here are a few of our favorites.


Merkin Vineyards 

Merkin Vineyards and the associated Caduceus Cellars are owned by Maynard James Keenan, of the rock band Tool! They offer six varieties of white wines, three rosés, and ten reds. Grab a wine flight and some tasty local food, then sit back and take in the elegant decor. It's a great place to spend an evening!

Find out more: https://merkinvineyards.org/ 

Arizona Stronghold 

Arizona Stronghold is an up-and-coming vineyard that produces delicious wines using hearty desert grapes from their vineyard as well as from around the region. The charming tasting room has lots of whites and reds to sample, plus gourmet snacks! 

Find out more:https://www.azstronghold.com/ 



One of the largest wineries in the state, Aridus is housed in a former apple warehouse. They use grapes from their vineyard in combination with grapes from other vineyards in Arizona, New Mexico, and California. It is situated among many art galleries on Main Street and adorned with chandeliers and other tasteful decorative touches, so it is perfect for date night! 

Find out more: https://www.ariduswineco.com/ 

Salvatore Vineyards 

Italian-inspired Salvatore Vineyards focuses on small batch wines, each of which is meticulously crafted and extra tasty! Along with the associated Passion Cellars, wine production is focused on fruit-forward whites and complex reds. You don't want leave Scottsdale without tasting some of these wonderful wines! 

Find out more: https://passioncellars.com/ 

What's your favorite vineyard in or near Scottsdale? Tell us in the comments!